Hello, I’m Deedee!

I'm the lady behind the camera. You should know that my sense of humor verges on inappropriate, things like the original Arrested Development and It’s Always Sunny crack me up. I get and accept the circle of life, but I will never be able to get behind killer whales. I love yoga, and my family likes me better when I practice more. I’m a proud brunette, but blonde at the moment because why not?

I studied and loved photography in high school, but let it fall to the wayside. I picked up my camera again with the birth of my son in 2014. At first I forced friends and family to let me take pictures of their newborns, kids and families, and then people started actually asking me to do it (what!?)

I adore photographing people, especially when it comes to newborns and little kids. These years fly by so fast, I feel so honored to be able to stop time, at least in a photograph, for parents to treasure as a part of their history.