Deedee Zimon Lennah Press Photography


You are considering newborn photography because you feel it's important to document your family as you grow together. You're either pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, and you know that newborns only stay newborns for a short time. (That sounded like a pharmaceutical ad for a moment there!)

This is where I can help. I come to you and your home to photograph your newborn. When I was fresh out of the hospital after an unexpected c-section, I couldn't even fathom showering, putting on makeup, styling my hair, getting dressed, loading our new little human in his car seat and heading to a stranger's photography studio. I want to make this as stress-free on you and your family as possible. Because as your husband/partner will admit, a photo shoot isn't first on his list of things he wants to do today.

I'm Deedee and I'm the lady behind the camera of Lennah Press Photography. If I'm being honest, newborn photography is about 40% pee, 35% poop, 20% snuggles and 5% art.  And that's ok, because I am wholly and completely passionate about being able to document your little one at his/her littlest. On top of that, I had a bit of a rough time adjusting to motherhood after the birth of my first, it's my passion to be there for new (and repeat) mamas. You're inviting me into your home during a magical, sacred and often blurred moment in time. I never lose sight of that honor. Aaaand, I'm in it for the snuggles from your newborn.

Long-term, babies grow up pretty darn quick. It's my hope that you like me, I like you, and you choose to have me continue documenting your family as your child(ren) grow. I get to frolic around beautiful settings, be goofy to get genuine smiles out of your kiddos, and create heirloom imagery documenting your family's history. It doesn't get much better than that!

If you've read this far and are interested in working with me, I invite you check out my What to Expect page which goes into a little more detail about the newborn and family session process.  From there, please fill out the new client questionnaire.  This will get the ball rolling, and give you the opportunity to ask questions on availability, the process, and my theories on Game of Thrones! 

Deedee Zimon is the founder, owner, photographer, designer, editor, letterpress printer, production manager, and just about everything else for Lennah Press, LLC. She is a wife to an awesome dude, mother to two hilarious children and a lazy pup, a nature-lover, and a complete nerd. 

You can find her seeking both the perfection and imperfection in each fleeting moment, chasing the light and finding the love.