I Am Ashamed.


This morning my husband rolled over and told me that our son needed to bring a family photo to school today. Cue me frantically trying to figure out when we had our last family photo. For someone who lives and breathes photography, I was ashamed to realize that our last family pictures were for our 2017 Christmas card. 

And not only that, we have our own sense of humor in our house, and that picture was this (take by my awesome friend at Catherine Vint Photography):


I adore that image. And anyone who knows us hopefully enjoyed it, and realized it was a joke (well, for 75% of us), but I also felt a little silly sending that image off to teachers who I hardly know! Not to mention that it may only be 6 months since that picture was taken, but my kids have changed so much in that time.

I'm not much of a selfie taker, and frankly it's a bad idea to have my phone out around my kiddos right now as they're starting to realize how fun they can be. On top of that, I'm usually the one taking photos of my family, not getting in them. I have plenty of excuses as to why I shouldn't be in a picture, I don't have on makeup, my hair is a mess, I'm wearing a stained shirt and yoga pants, I need to lose 10 pounds.

Which brings me to a quick tangent. I have this picture that I took of my grandmother who I loved so dearly, fun fact, she's actually the namesake behind my business! The image is of her running out of the frame because she didn't want to be photographed. Even as a kid it made me sad. I had wanted to take a picture of her because she lived an 18 hour drive away. I loved her and missed her, but she was consumed with self doubt for some reason. Now that she's gone, I would love images of her in everyday situations. She cooked the most amazing southern meals, I can still remember her tiny kitchen, what I wouldn't give for a photograph of her cooking in that space. 

Based off of my interactions with clients, it's usually the mother who initiates, plans and makes family pictures happen. In most cases, the catalyst for that is Christmas/Holiday cards. But kids grow so fast, as I held my son's hand the other day I teared up realizing it's not the chubby toddler hand it used to be. Every day he's getting bigger and time is passing. It's so important to make time to capture those day-to-day memories.

And most importantly, mamas, make sure that you're in the frame too.